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File extension SVG is mostly used in describing two-dimensional vector graphics in XML format. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. Data can be stored on its own file or can be embedded in a web page. However, not all web browsers are capable of interpreting it. File of this extension can be static or animated images.

Since this is in XML format, SVG files can be opened by using text editors. These are images written as text. Vector images use geometrical figures represented by mathematical equations as oppose to raster images that uses pixels represented with different colors to create an image.

SVG is an open standard developed under the effort of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The development is a result of the introduction of Vector Markup Language by Microsoft and Macromedia. Images under this file extension can also be view on mobile devices with specified software.

There are no known threats with regard to SVG extensions. However images download from the source can be edited by a user.

Files of this extension can be view by software including Adobe SVG Viewer, Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Visio, Corel, and other compatible web browser. Microsoft Internet Explorer cannot read the file extension unless installed with a plug-in.

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